The design team's extensive knowledge of editing and user interface software must be ready to take on every challenge to deliver the best website experience for every business model. Passionate about technology, we build virtual stores, marketplaces, institutional websites, and applications with the best available solution in the market, always focusing on your user experience.

Custom Web Design

We believe that a competitive website is not just about building a solid, fully coded infrastructure. It should also look and feel lightweight from the start to provide a positive user experience.

 We offer custom and unique website designs tailored to each client's needs and goals. We focus on creating user-friendly and attractive websites that are optimized for SEO and meet industry standards.

Ecommerce Web Design

Web development for stores is more complicated than it seems. You need it to look good, run smoothly and entice the user to buy and then buy again.

We design and develop e-commerce websites; we specialize in creating eye-catching, results-oriented websites that are self-managed. Online shopping makes it easy for your potential customers to search, bid and buy your products from anywhere in the world. You can also create new business strategies like coupons, discounts, and giveaways to increase your business reach.

Email Marketing Services

Far from the perception of years ago, where email marketing campaigns were associated with sending mass marketing letters bordering on spam without a subscription or concert, there is now one of the most important marketing tools of the digital age.


Email marketing is one of the most important tools for implementing an inbound marketing strategy. With email marketing, we can distribute our content more widely.


Also, with email marketing and automation, we can activate lead management procedures to guide our contacts through the conversion tunnel until they become customers.

SMS Marketing Services

Text messages are a great channel to communicate with your audience around the world. They help reach even users who roam or do not use transmitters. Send bulk text messages to customers with our online text marketing.

When launching an SMS campaign, you need to partner with a reputable network that can reliably deliver the messages you need to engage your customers.

Join the Valor Hits Communication team and enjoy superior SMS marketing service at the best price.

With high yields and a 100% uptime SLA, you know you can trust us to deliver your messages to customers and prospects when you need them.

Video Production

Video services offered:

Video Production

 Video services offered:

 • Script service for the creation of commercials

• Video service for live events

• Production of commercials for the web or television

• Videos to assist marketing

• Sports video production

• Training videos

• Production of videos for political campaign

• Corporate videos

• Instructional Videos

• Videos for real estate

• Animated Videos

• Videos for business

• Branding Videos

• Videos to acquire economic funds

• Documentary videos

• Music videos

Our company offers a full range of audio-visual production services.

We create ideas and offer services for the production of images and sounds. Scripts, Audio Visual Production, 3D, 2D, Motion Graphics, Editing, Coloring, Sound Design, Original Music, Jingles, Podcasts. Our team adapts to your needs to build a project in a way that only experts can.


Website Hosting

No matter how small or large your business is, we support individuals and groups alike, offering solutions for every unique hosting scenario.

Our servers are housed in a state-of-the-art data center with highly reliable firewalls and a network structure that provides an average connectivity of 99.9%.

Our server center has IPS-IDS devices to filter attacks and intrusions, a firewall prevents unauthorized attacks, and a WAF protects the web server from attacks.

 What do our hosting plans include?

  • Domain name
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free email transfers (migrator)
  • Site migrator
  • 10GB email accounts
  • SSD technology
  • HTTP2